Registration is now CLOSED


15 - 35 year olds in teams of 4

Registration Fee

$20 per person

Race to Promote Green Awareness

Six quick steps to join:

Form a Team

You need to set up a team of four people (15 – 35 years old). Don’t forget to come up with a cool team name!

Terms & Conditions

Read our Terms and Conditions and make sure you understand what the race is about and are happy to join!


Make way to the Registrations page and sign up!


Our team member will be in touch with the payment methods if your registration is accepted. It will be $20 per person.

Collect Race Kit

Each participant will be receiving a t-shirt and merchandise to use on the event day.

Have Fun

Turn up on time on 13 March 2016 and get ready to challenge your mind and body for the biggest green race in Brunei!

Interested to Sign Up?

Think you are up to the challenge?

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